7 Day Fitness

Fitness Protocol:
The 7 Day Routine

Physical therapy-inspired routines
for longevity and joint health

Ready to begin your holistic fitness routine?

The Guide includes:

  • Guided Pre & Post-Workout restorative routines
  • Posture supporting routines
  • Core and posterior chain stabilizing routines
  • Longevity-focused Pool Workout
  • Matt's own Breath to Movement deep breathing strategy
  • and more!



7 Day Fitness Guide


Exercise means very little to your future health if the cost is greater pain and injury.

The Motivation

This 7 Day routine focuses on low-impact, stabilizing movements that combine a mix of All-In_One full body routines that include: pool workouts, body weight band workouts, Physical Therapy Lifts, Soft surface sprints and the Ultimate Pool Workout with Added Resistance. Also, Matt's own Breath to Movement strategy will introduce you to a more mindful movement workout experience that is calming and allows you to recover faster. Let's get you on the longevity program.

Future Focused

Flexibility and pliability training helps prevent injury and gets you back to mastering the basics of learning to master your own body weight and increase your body awareness on a maintenance program that brings your body to its natural state. Mix it up by adding resistance with bands, lighter weights and pool training to help keep your body and your mind engaged, forcing your muscle stabilizers to fire. This can resulting less injuries, healthy posture, better hip alignment, lengthening out your spine, all while strengthening your core, and stimulating the brain with minimal impact on the body.


The all-in-one yoga routine integrates a combination of stability techniques focusing on opening the lower back and releasing tension in hamstrings and shoulders through a creative series of holds, balances, and core-training movements. This promotes Breath to Movement and requires a higher level of focus. As a result you become more conscious of your bodily awareness and mental landscape.